Monday, July 14, 2008

Best Friend Weekend

A couple of weekends ago I drove to Austin for my sister Megan's Bachelorette Party. On my way to the party, I stopped in San Antonio to visit 2 of my best friends: Melissa and Courtney. It was a short visit but we had fun relaxing, talking and hanging out with the kiddos. My first destination was Courtney's house in Boerne. The boys are the 2 cutiest,loving. happy little guys. It crazy how McCoy looks like Chris and Hudson looks like Courtney. McCoy is at the fun stage where he wants to talk all the time and play with trucks!!! Hudson was so cute crawling all over the place. I can't believe he is 1. Courtney looks great like always and of course we went shopping.

Momo and I headed back to SA and picked up her adorable little girl Macyee. Macyee is the happiest, Pattie, blue eyed, blond hair, dramatic little girl that looks just like Mark and Momo. She was walking all over the house getting into everything and has such a dramatic reaction to everything. I spent the night in SA and enjoyed the evening with Momo and Maycee. The next morning, Mark did a taco run!! It reminded me of college when Mark would bring us tacos and talk all morning. It was a short, but
awsome day trip. I love seeing the girls, kids, and of course the shopping. I look forward to any trip that I can stop in and say hi!

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